We develop eco-friendly packaging by designing lightweight solutions, using new and renewable materials, managing waste and reducing our carbon footprint and energy consumption.

This is our way to help build a sustainable future and an optimal experience for your customers.

Also, our brands take pride in engaging with local charities.


…We strive to reduce our carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency by optimising industrial processes and the use of less energy-consuming technologies, using renewable energy and reducing waste for energy, as well as optimising transport and related waste.

Here are some examples of what we’ve done to ensure the RPC M&H Division is a ‘green’ company:

  • Solar Panels – RPC M&H Plastics Ellough installed over 7,000 solar panels on the roof of the plant. A renewable source of energy generating over 1 GWh a year.
  • Efficient cooling and heating systems
  • LED lighting
  • Site-wide automatic shut off programme to reduce unrequired processes and equipment from operating while out of production.

Zero waste to landfill

Also, we continuously improve our manufacturing and packaging processes to reduce production losses. To do so, various programmes have been initiated, such as the 6S system to ensure accurate waste segregation, and the Operation Clean Sweep.

Recovering material for re-use is also key in reducing waste generation. During the manufacturing process, any waste is carefully collected, cleaned and re-processed according to purity.



We strive to achieve a fine balance between lighter, more efficiently made packaging and the need to maintain a strong, high quality packaging that safely delivers the product and expected experience to the customer.

Designing for recyclability

We embed recyclability principles into our packaging design processes so that at the end of its’ life the packaging material can be successfully recycled and used again in new products and packaging.

Sustainable sourcing & Renewable raw material

We continuously look at new material such as: Sugar Cane based Plastic, BioPET, ERT material, Sea Shell Additive, Polylactic acid, as well as using Post Consumer Recycled material: rPE, rPET, Ocean Plastic etc.