RPC M&H Plastics is pleased to offer ‘Green’ Plastic Flexible Tubes created from sugarcane.

RPC M&H Plastics is continually seeking alternative environmentally-responsive products as we believe that a small change can make a big difference while continually striving towards a business that has minimal impact on the environment.

When growing, the sugarcane is so efficient at capturing CO2 that with every kilogram of ‘Green’ Plastic produced 3,09 kilograms of CO2 is removed from the air! The Bio-Plastic is also 100% recyclable, meaning recycled tubes can be mixed into Post Consumer Regrind, just like any other polymer.

To find out more on how to make your line of products more sustainable using ‘Green’ Polymers, call us on +44 (0) 1502 715518 or email marketing@mhplastics.com.