RPC M&H Plastics has created a range of packaging solutions designed to be easily posted through letterboxes.

Our Postal Pack range is available for both solid and liquid contents, ideal for mail order products, with varying neck and closure specifications to fit either type of product. The standard solid dose variants are available in 150ml, 200ml, and 320ml, with the standard liquid option complementing the range at 300ml.

M&H’s foil sealed, tamper-evident closure and retained wadding, ensures that freshness and security are guaranteed for each delivery.

With today’s fast moving modern life, the postal pack is the perfect complement to any e-commerce product range in various markets. From spices & ingredients in the food markets to OTC medicines all can be easily posted through the letterbox, ready for when you get home.

Allow your busy customers to easily get a hold of your product while not having to worry about missing the post. With postal packs, it will be waiting for them inside the security of their home.

Call 01502 715518 or email marketing@mhplastics.com today for further information on how our Postal Packs can meet your e-commerce needs.