Health and safety is crucial to us all as Suppliers, Employees and Customers

Last week saw the Team at Llantrisant taking part in Health and Safety week 2019. Staff had the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities and to win prizes all with the aim of increasing awareness of the importance of Health and Safety in the workplace.

Activities were varied and included health & safety games     a quiz on fire awareness and hazard spotting. Also fire marshal and manual handling training, reinforcement of the culture on safety and PPE requirements through the Safety Gate created on the entrance of the shop floor, safety climate survey and encouragement of healthy eating.

The many activities and materials to inform the employees about workplace injuries prevention, stress, depression, anxiety and ill health, also helps our customers as safety in the workplace increases staff attendance and our ability to deliver to our customers as well as helping to keep visitors to our site safe.

The European week for safety takes place in October, calendar week 43 every year and has the core aim to increase understanding of the importance of active, participative workplace safety and health management.

Health and  safety is something that we take very seriously as a company with many sites taking part in activities for Health and Safety Week. It is something we are already looking forward to supporting in 2020 and  our staff are already encouraging us with ideas for next year.